Education & Languages

Kiwix icon
Read any Wikipedia article on your smartphone... offline!
Bible App for Kids icon
A children's version of the bible
Sun, moon and planets icon
See the paths of the sun, moon, and planets
Noggin icon
Childrens TV content for your little ones
ISS Detector icon
The current location of the International Space Station icon
Thousands of educational activities for kids
Flipgrid icon
A powerful app for remote learning
Untis icon
Find out the time in any part of the world
Arts and Culture icon
Explore cultural works from around the world
Arabic Dictionary icon
Arabic-English dictionary
Periodic Table icon
A periodic table for Android
Spyboy icon
A how-to guide for budding hackers
Passei Direto icon
A social network for university students in Brazil
NAVER Korean Dictionary icon
Learn Korean with this dictionary and translator
PBS KIDS Video icon
The best cartoons and other shows for kids
ISS HD Live icon
Look at Earth from the International Space Station!
QasidasApp icon
A collection of poems written by Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba
StudySmarter icon
A great platform specially designed for students
Toca Hair Salon 4 icon
Unleash your creativity in this beauty salon
Plantix icon
A helpful app when it comes to growing plants
Mondly Languages icon
Learn any language on your smartphone
Dr. Panda Town icon
A fun town full of friends
Speaky icon
A language exchange platform on your smartphone
BBC Learning English icon
Learn English with this official BBC learning app
Tally ERP9 with GST icon
Enable GST on Tally and use it on your smartphone
French Dictionary - Offline icon
A French dictionary for Android
Spanish English Translator icon
An English-Spanish and Spanish-English translator
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