Education & Languages

Periodic Table icon
A periodic table for Android
English Urdu Dictionary icon
A dictionary with terms and words in Urdu and English
Voice Training - Learn To Sing icon
Singing lessons to improve your crooning
Starfall icon
A great collection of educational games for kids
ISS Detector icon
The current location of the International Space Station
PictoBlox icon
Learn AI and coding anytime, anywhere!
Simpler icon
Learn English from scratch with this effective teaching method
Bengali English Translator icon
Translate between these two languages icon
An app from the world's best-known translations site
idictionary Persian dictionary and translator icon
An English to Persian dictionary and vice versa
Picture Insect - Insect Id Pro icon
Identify the insects in your area
Google Expeditions icon
Have fun learning with virtual field trips
StarTracker icon
Explore the sky and the stars with your Android
Learn to Read - Duolingo ABC icon
Help your kids learn English
Miga Town: My Pets icon
A digital dollhouse full of pets
Read passages from the Torah on your smartphone
Grasshopper icon
Learning to code is an achievable long-term goal
Seesaw Class icon
Discover educational content with this community
Noggin icon
Childrens TV content for your little ones
Cymath icon
A useful tool for solving math problems
Namaste English icon
Learn English if you speak Hindi
ISS HD Live icon
Look at Earth from the International Space Station!
Quran Tukufu icon
A translation of the Quran for your smartphone
Ornagai icon
Translation tool from Myanmar for the English language
Learn Chords icon
Learn how to play guitar chords
Algeo calculator icon
Learn algebra and study functions with this calculator
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