Education & Languages

Baby Shark icon
Karaoke with this incredibly catchy song
Ψαλμοί του Δαυίδ icon
The psalms of David with Greek translation
SkyPortal icon
Get all the information you need to gaze at the sky
TL-EN Dictionary icon
Translate between Filipino and English
Voice Training - Learn To Sing icon
Singing lessons to improve your crooning
Star Chart icon
Keep a map of the stars in your pocket
Math Scanner By Photo icon
Resolve your match problems with a pic English for kids icon
A virtual tutor for children to learn English
Plantix icon
A helpful app when it comes to growing plants
JAMB e-Facility icon
Do central operation services on joint admissions
Hanping Lite icon
A dictionary to help you learn Chinese
StarTracker icon
Explore the sky and the stars with your Android
Classting icon
Everything from class now on your smartphone
Learn English Grammar icon
Improve your English with over 100 grammar topics
Miga Town: My Pets icon
A digital dollhouse full of pets
SayHi Translate icon
Simultaneous translator for several languages
Animals icon
Learn all the animals and the sounds they make
ISS HD Live icon
Look at Earth from the International Space Station!
Tarkeeb e Namaz icon
The most authentic way to pray
Thesaurus icon
A language tool to help you find synonyms
ISS Detector icon
The current location of the International Space Station
LiveBoard icon
Transform your Android into an interactive whiteboard
Chemistry icon
Walter White would approve of this application
Bookshelf icon
Discover books online, read them offline
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