Battle Royale

Play PUBG Mobile on lower-middle range smartphones
Free Fire MAX icon
The same Free Fire, better graphics
PUBG New State icon
PUBG Mobile makes the leap to the new generation
Free Fire - Battlegrounds icon
A fast, lightweight battle royale
Fortnite icon
The popular battle royale -- now for Android
The Android version of the famous battle royale
Call of Duty: Mobile icon
The king of multiplayer FPS games -- now on Android
Game for Peace icon
An official chinese version of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS
Apex Legends Mobile icon
The evolution of the battle royale
Farlight 84 icon
A unique battle royale
Cyber Hunter icon
A serious Fortnite competitor for Android
Knives Out icon
Outstanding 'battle royale'
Rules of Survival icon
A 'battle royale' for up to 120 players
Creative Destruction icon
A spectacular 'battle royale' inspired by Fortnite
Omega Legends icon
Spectacular battle royale Apex Legends style
Zooba icon
Become the last survivor in this wacky zoo
Rocket Royale icon
Build a space rocket and blast off the island
Mini World Royale icon
A battle royale that's as beautiful as it is fun
Super Mecha Champions icon
A spectacular Battle Royale against giant robots
Knives Out AIR icon
The Lite version of Knives Out
Ride Out Heroes icon
A 'battle royale' with dragons, dinosaurs and magic
Battlelands Royale icon
A friendly 24 player battle royale
Grand Battle Royale icon
Try to be the last one standing on this island
Eclipse Isle icon
Fornite meets League of Legends
Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier icon
Can you become the first SOLDIER ever?
FOG Battle Royale icon
A brutal combination of MOBA and battle royale
Battlepalooza icon
Survive in this futuristic battle royale
Bullet League icon
An entertaining and casual battle royale
Pixel Danger Zone: Battle Royale icon
Be the last man standing
Survival Heroes icon
A unique fusion on MOBA and battle Royale
Royal Crown icon
A fun combination of MOBA and battle royale