Lost Labyrinth DX icon
A remake of the classic roguelike Lost Labyrinth
Zorbus icon
A fun roguelike inspired by Dungeons and Dragons
Ananias Roguelike icon
A modern twist on a traditional roguelike
Vagante icon
Go deep inside deadly dungeons
Conclave icon
A board game–inspired RPG for one or several players
Delve the Dungeon Crawler icon
Head into the most dangerous dungeons
Black Ice icon
Action and role-playing in a first-person cyberpunk adventure
The Thing 2 icon
The un-official instalment of the film The Thing
Hymn of the Sands icon
Diablo-style role-playing and action in ancient Egypt
DataJack icon
A stealth, theft, murder and hacking adventure
The Chasm icon
Escape from the chasm you've fallen into with turn-based fighting
The Lore of Lorewyn icon
A JRPG with an unexpected plot
Berserker Quest: VI icon
Indie first-person RPG
The Man in the Mirror icon
Escape from the asylum with help from a demon
Nightfall icon
Your spaceship has crashed ... and everything is awful
ColdRL icon
Survival is hard in the tundra
Rogue City Scavenger icon
An entire city is trying to kill you
Return to the Dungeons of Doom icon
A new version of the classic Rogue
Dark Disciples II icon
An epic role-playing adventure
Holyspirit icon
The eternal battle between good and evil
Warlock's Gauntlet icon
A warlock against the world
Dubloon icon
Fun pirate-themed RPG
Powder icon
Descend into hell to kill Beelzebub
AliensRL icon
Surviving aliens has never been so hard
Iter Vehemens ad Necem icon
The inevitable road to death
Return of Egypt icon
A Castlevania set in biblical Egypt
Rogue Survivor icon
Try to survive the zombie apocalypse
Ancient Domains of Mystery icon
The world of Ancardia is in serious danger
Fame icon
Colossal role-play adventure that's full of danger
Summoning Wars icon
An indie role-playing game similar to Diablo
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