Clam Man 2: Open Mic icon
Become the next big stand-up comedian
Goblin Hack icon
An action-packed, ASCII-style roguelike
Laplace M (GameLoop) icon
The best Android MMORPG now on your PC
Ananias Roguelike icon
A modern twist on a traditional roguelike
Scrolls icon
The best of card-based duels and board games
Conclave icon
A board game–inspired RPG for one or several players
Infinite Crisis icon
A MOBA set in the DC universe
Dungeon Heroes icon
A classic dungeon crawler
The Thing 2 icon
The un-official instalment of the film The Thing
Midgard Saga icon
Strategy and role-playing with a touch of Norse mythology
The High Road icon
The adventures of an intrepid cleaning lady
The Legend of Zelda: Black Crown icon
Zelda as a Diablo-style role-playing game
Rogue's Souls icon
Dark Souls goes roguelike
Rogue's Eye icon
Traditional dungeons in first person
Rogue City Scavenger icon
An entire city is trying to kill you
Warlock's Gauntlet icon
A warlock against the world
Adventures of Baron Hackenslausch icon
A knight takes up his arms
Guardian of Paradise icon
A fun Zelda-style game
Last Scenario icon
A fun, old-school JRPG
Epic Inventor icon
The adventures of a mad professor
Return of Egypt icon
A Castlevania set in biblical Egypt
Summoning Wars icon
An indie role-playing game similar to Diablo
Dungeon Crawl Tile Version icon
A more beautiful version of Dungeon Crawl
The Age of Decadence icon
Classically styled role-playing game in an era of decadence
DoomRL icon
The Doom role game is real hell
Planet Explorers icon
A huge adventure on a faraway planet
Dwarf Fortress icon
Are you ready for this adventure? No, you´re not
Rune Masters icon
RPG and puzzle come together
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