Dubloon icon
Fun pirate-themed RPG
Doomed Dungeon icon
An animated dungeon RPG
Rune Sword 2 icon
Play a tabletop RPG on your computer
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup icon
A descent into the depths in search of the Orb of Zot
Dink Smallwood icon
An RPG with an unexpected protagonist
Pioneerz icon
Become a pioneer in a fantasy city
Isometric HeroQuest icon
Play HeroQuest on your computer
NEStalgia icon
A role-playing game with an 8 bit style
Laxius Force icon
An epic adventure full of heroes and villains
Eschalon: Book 1 icon
Classic 90s-style role-playing
League of Legends icon
Enjoy this spectacular free online MOBA with stunning graphics
Kepler452b icon
A roguelike set on a spaceship
Employee Simulator icon
Experience the day-to-day life of a worker
Clam Man 2: Open Mic icon
Become the next big stand-up comedian
Verdant Village icon
A medieval Stardew Valley villager experience
Demon icon
Summon demons in this roguelike
Everything Is Fodder icon
Kill the demon and bring its black heart back with you
Goblin Hack icon
An action-packed, ASCII-style roguelike
Saint Seiya: Awakening (GameLoop) icon
You can play this great RPG with your PC too
Umoria icon
The best way to play The Dungeons of Moria on Windows
Ragnarok M (GameLoop) icon
Play this MMORPG in your PC
Empire: Millenium Wars icon
Can you lead the extraction of this coveted mineral in Mars?
Ananias Roguelike icon
A modern twist on a traditional roguelike
Scrolls icon
The best of card-based duels and board games
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2D icon
Ocarina of Time through a Super Nintendo filter
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