FNaF World icon
The characters from Five Nights at Freddy's move to an RPG
Genshin Impact icon
Play Genshin Impact on your PC
Internet Cafe Simulator (GameLoop) icon
Run a cybercafé from your PC
League of Legends icon
Enjoy this spectacular free online MOBA with stunning graphics
Pokemon Uranium icon
A totally new Pokémon game
Lost Light icon
This dangerous world comes to PC
Diablo HD - Belzebub icon
A great facelift for the original Diablo
Harry Potter: Magic Awakened for PC icon
Use your cards and experience battles next to Harry Potter
Deltarune icon
The sequel to Undertale?
Torchlight icon
Fight evilish hords in a fantasy world
Mythruna icon
A Minecraft-style sandbox role playing game
Elona icon
A fun, nice-looking, and accesible roguelike
Pokémon: Survival Island icon
Extreme survival on Pokemon Island
Diablo III icon
The lord of evil has returned
Pokemon Iberia icon
Pokémon takes on Spain
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2D icon
Ocarina of Time through a Super Nintendo filter
Lost Labyrinth DX icon
A remake of the classic roguelike Lost Labyrinth
Castlevania II: Simon Quest Revamped icon
Complete revision of Nintendo's legendary Castlevania
Fame icon
Colossal role-play adventure that's full of danger
DoomRL icon
The Doom role game is real hell
Dragon Age Legends icon
Face off against sinister monsters
Perfect World International icon
Discover a Fantastic World Full of Magic and Adventure
FATE icon
Know what fate has in store for you in this great RPG
The Legend of Zelda: Black Crown icon
Zelda as a Diablo-style role-playing game
Unofficial Skyrim Patch icon
Big improvements for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Unreal World icon
Role-playing and survival in Medieval Finland
Zorbus icon
A fun roguelike inspired by Dungeons and Dragons
Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga icon
Battle your enemies as a human and convert yourself into a dragon
Return to the Dungeons of Doom icon
A new version of the classic Rogue
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