Empire: Millenium Wars icon
Can you lead the extraction of this coveted mineral in Mars?
Diablo: The Awakening icon
The Diablo universe comes back to life
Vagante icon
Go deep inside deadly dungeons
Earthrune icon
Help defend the woods in an epic RPG
Delve the Dungeon Crawler icon
Head into the most dangerous dungeons
KeeperRL icon
A Dungeon Keeper and roguelike fusion
Black Ice icon
Action and role-playing in a first-person cyberpunk adventure
The Dungeoning icon
An independent 2D Dark Souls
Dungeonmans icon
An epic adventure roguelike
I Miss the Sunrise icon
An atypical RPG, set in the future
The Drop icon
A roguelike set in a very attractive world
The Reconstruction icon
Turn-based battles and role-playing in a world of pirates
The Consuming Shadow icon
The world will be submerged in darkness - escape!
Hymn of the Sands icon
Diablo-style role-playing and action in ancient Egypt
DataJack icon
A stealth, theft, murder and hacking adventure
Omega RPG icon
A modernized version of a classic roguelike
Diggr icon
A roguelike game with no life points, no levels and rocket launchers
Pixel Piracy icon
Build your ship, hire a crew, then start plunder!
Nox Brain icon
A cellular adventure inside the brain
The Chasm icon
Escape from the chasm you've fallen into with turn-based fighting
Lunacity icon
A detective adventure in a futuristic city
The Lore of Lorewyn icon
A JRPG with an unexpected plot
Berserker Quest: VI icon
Indie first-person RPG
Depths of Darkness icon
Descend into the depths of the catacombs
Depths of darkness - Deeper than hell icon
A simple and fun roguelike for everyone
Shattered World: Beneath A Stone Sky icon
Roleplay and strategy, Final Fantasy Tactics style
Splatterhouse RPG icon
A bloody RPG starring Rick
The Man in the Mirror icon
Escape from the asylum with help from a demon
Rogue's Souls icon
Dark Souls goes roguelike
Nightfall icon
Your spaceship has crashed ... and everything is awful
ColdRL icon
Survival is hard in the tundra
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