Depths of darkness - Deeper than hell icon
A simple and fun roguelike for everyone
Shattered World: Beneath A Stone Sky icon
Roleplay and strategy, Final Fantasy Tactics style
Splatterhouse RPG icon
A bloody RPG starring Rick
The Man in the Mirror icon
Escape from the asylum with help from a demon
Nightfall icon
Your spaceship has crashed ... and everything is awful
ColdRL icon
Survival is hard in the tundra
Rogue's Eye icon
Traditional dungeons in first person
Rogue City Scavenger icon
An entire city is trying to kill you
Mysterious Castle icon
Swords, spells, and old-school role
Dark Disciples I icon
The first part of an epic adventure
Dark Disciples II icon
An epic role-playing adventure
Holyspirit icon
The eternal battle between good and evil
Rogue Legacy icon
An action and adventure game where everybody is family
Expedition: The New World icon
Exploration RPG in the age of the conquistadors
Warlock's Gauntlet icon
A warlock against the world
DooM: Fall of Mars icon
The legendary Doom becomes Diablo
Adventures of Baron Hackenslausch icon
A knight takes up his arms
Tales of the Drunken Paladin icon
The adventures of an inebriated knight
Lair of the Madhat icon
A free, high-quality dungeon crawler
Zelda Diablo icon
A Zelda with much more action
NetHack - Falcon's Eye icon
A modernized version of the classic game NetHack
Dungeons of Fayte icon
Dungeons are better with friends
Hale icon
Role-play and strategy in the world of Wesnoth
Epic Inventor icon
The adventures of a mad professor
Yume Nikki icon
Psychological terror and temporary insanity
Sewerjacks icon
The hard life of a retired athlete
Powder icon
Descend into hell to kill Beelzebub
AliensRL icon
Surviving aliens has never been so hard
TileRogue icon
An updated version of the game that created a genre
The Quest icon
Adventures in a sinister world full of magic and danger
Return of Egypt icon
A Castlevania set in biblical Egypt
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