Blocksum icon
A puzzle game for those who are good at math
SuteF icon
Puzzles and platforms with a super-macabre aesthetic
BrainSplode! icon
Make the alien brains explode
WareSoft Sudoku icon
More than a million sudoku puzzles on your PC
Raincat icon
Don't let the kitty get wet
Ninja Twins icon
Puzzles and ninjas, the perfect combination
Cube Trains icon
Puzzles with trains, dangerous puzzles
Crawl icon
Delve into your patient's twisted mind
OGS Mahjong icon
Nothing is more relaxing than a good game of Mahjong
Princess Chardonnay in Bomb Kingdom icon
Clever puzzles with a ballsy princess
This Precious Land icon
The creation of a wonderful world is in your hands
Vecinity icon
An independent take on the legendary Portal
OgPuzzlePic icon
Classic sliding puzzle pieces, become any pic to a puzzle.
Way to Go icon
Fun and adorable puzzles for everyone
Match and Magic icon
Fight against dangerous creatures in puzzle battles
Back to Bed icon
Go back to bed and keep dreaming
Not Pacman icon
An interesting twist on the old classic Pacman
Bomb Buddies icon
Bombard your friends into oblivion
Pequepon Magical Blocks icon
A fun and beautiful remake of Sokoban
The Bridge icon
Play on Escher´s pictures
Super Balls icon
Splash as many balls as possible
Fortix 2 icon
Conquers all castles in each level
Legend of Fae icon
Puzzles and RPGs meet in this magical adventure
Hex-a-Hop Portable icon
Jump on all the tiles and don’t leave any behind
Senseless icon
A narrative experiment in the form of a video game
SpaceChem icon
Try your hand at being a space engineer
Fashionallia icon
Puzzles and fashion combine in this fun game
Rocks'n'Diamonds Portable icon
Collect as manh gems as you can in these dangerous labyrinths
Clones icon
Solve hundreds of puzzles with the help of little clones
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