Variatonix icon
Recover all the elements in this complex puzzle game
Fruit Crush 2: Adventures icon
Keep playing with fruit
Combinatorix icon
A smart puzzle game
Puzzlexia icon
Collect all the diamonds before the wall squashes you
BrainSport icon
BrainSport from ZX Spectrum is back to stay
Didi's Adventure icon
Help Didi solve all of the puzzles
Bonecode Shifter icon
Collect and combine blocks to make them explode
Magnetized icon
Magnetic puzzles with only one button
6x64 icon
Tetris, Arkanoid, and Bejeweled together in one game
Monokrome icon
First-person puzzles in a futuristic laboratory
Tessallation icon
Surreal first-person puzzles
Blocksum icon
A puzzle game for those who are good at math
SuteF icon
Puzzles and platforms with a super-macabre aesthetic
BrainSplode! icon
Make the alien brains explode
WareSoft Sudoku icon
More than a million sudoku puzzles on your PC
Little Barker icon
An educational game about Laika, the first dog in space
Ninja Twins icon
Puzzles and ninjas, the perfect combination
Cube Trains icon
Puzzles with trains, dangerous puzzles
Crawl icon
Delve into your patient's twisted mind
Princess Chardonnay in Bomb Kingdom icon
Clever puzzles with a ballsy princess
This Precious Land icon
The creation of a wonderful world is in your hands
Vecinity icon
An independent take on the legendary Portal
Source Control icon
Puzzles and strategy in a world of hackers
OgPuzzlePic icon
Classic sliding puzzle pieces, become any pic to a puzzle.
Way to Go icon
Fun and adorable puzzles for everyone
Match and Magic icon
Fight against dangerous creatures in puzzle battles
Gorogoa icon
A window to your imagination
Back to Bed icon
Go back to bed and keep dreaming
Jelly no Puzzle icon
Playing with gelatin has never been so hard
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