Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles icon
Original and fun puzzles for every taste
Pequepon Magical Blocks icon
A fun and beautiful remake of Sokoban
The Bridge icon
Play on Escher´s pictures
Critical Mass icon
Take match-3 puzzles to a new dimension
Fortix 2 icon
Conquers all castles in each level
Legend of Fae icon
Puzzles and RPGs meet in this magical adventure
Senseless icon
A narrative experiment in the form of a video game
SpaceChem icon
Try your hand at being a space engineer
Fashionallia icon
Puzzles and fashion combine in this fun game
Rocks'n'Diamonds Portable icon
Collect as manh gems as you can in these dangerous labyrinths
Clones icon
Solve hundreds of puzzles with the help of little clones
The UnderGarden icon
Experience this gorgeous underwater adventure
Digitarix icon
Link numbers to solve puzzles
Sokobano icon
Move boxes and solve all puzzles in this clone of Sokoban
Nudo icon
Puzzles and platforms in an original mix
Cut It icon
Cut the path to get to the green platform
DelegArmy icon
Delegate responsabilities and win this battle
Enigma icon
Test your mind with over 1,000 different puzzles
My Picture Puzzle icon
Create puzzles with your own photos
Egglomania icon
Funny puzzle game with reminiscences to Tetris and tic-tac-toe
LEGO Fever icon
Simple LEGO game for children
Tetrix icon
A creepy version of classic Tetris
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