Dungeon Dogan icon
Escape the cursed catacombs alive
Digitarix icon
Link numbers to solve puzzles
Fireworks Extravaganza icon
A fun puzzle game with a Tetris-like gameplay
Tetrix icon
A creepy version of classic Tetris
Passage 3 icon
Have fun with this puzzle game
3D Magic Mahjongg Holidays icon
Magnific Mahjong 3D version
Marbles Shooter icon
Very funny and addictive Puzzle Bubble-like game
Atomica Deluxe icon
Create molecules in this addictive game
The Da Vinci Free Puzzles icon
Eleven puzzles with Da Vinci’s masterpieces
Abc Puzzles icon
Puzzles like Rubik, but in two dimensions
Mahjong Epic icon
Excellent suite of Mahjong boards
Theseus and the Minotaur icon
Help Theseus to scape the labyrinth of the Minutaur
Dualotl icon
A platformer in which you control two characters at the same time
System Of Souls icon
Puzzles and platformers in the distant future
Spatium Inter Nos icon
A puzzle game where the important thing is to cooperate
Save Or Kill icon
Save the cue ball and break the black
Shröminger Katt icon
Solve this puzzle and escape from the experiment
Bounce and collect (GameLoop) icon
Multiply balls on your PC
Phone Case DIY (GameLoop) icon
Create customized covers also on PC
Variatonix icon
Recover all the elements in this complex puzzle game
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