Lavasoft Registry Tuner icon
Speed up your PC and have it running smoothly
SuperbarMonitor.CPU icon
Control your processor's charge levels from the Windows 7 taskbar
SuperbarMonitor.Disk icon
Check the HD free space in the task bar
SuperbarMonitor.Memory icon
View your machine's memory status from the Windows 7 taskbar
SuperbarMonitor.Volume icon
Monitor the volume of your computer from the Windows 7 task bar
SuperbarMonitor.Battery icon
Check how much charge is left on your battery
TopWinPrio icon
Prioritize the active applications on your computer
UpdateStar Kahuna icon
Optimize your computer and get the most out of it
PC Speed Maximizer icon
Do you want to boost up your PC?
Disk Bench icon
Check the real speed of your HD
KillProcess icon
Finish any process in a snap
RealSpeed icon
Check the actual performance of your CPU
CPU TrueSpeed icon
Find out the speed your CPU is running at
Auslogics System Information icon
Check out important information about your computer
Everest Ultimate Edition icon
Analyze your PC: Software, hardware and configuration
Keylogger King Home icon
Monitor and control everything that happens on your PC
HD Tach icon
Test the status and performance of your HD
Assassin SE icon
Are all the processes running on your system safe?
Registry Drill icon
Correct Registry errors and clean out empty entries
Performance Monitor icon
Visualize your PC's performance in real time
TinyResMeter icon
Watch the system information from desktop
GAG icon
Graphical boot manager for starting various OS
SysSense icon
Monitor your Google Adsense profits
CC Print Monitor icon
Register and monitor printed documents
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