RefreshPC icon
Make your Windows settings like new with just one click
7Smoker icon
Improve your PC's performance with no hassle
AdminToys Suite icon
Monitor your PC's performance remotely
ProcrastiTracker icon
Keep track of the time spent on each program on your computer
Fresh Diagnose icon
Create a report with your PC components
Security Task Manager icon
Keep malware from damaging your computer
Regshot Portable icon
Control any changes on your system registry
SuperEasy Registry Cleaner icon
Registry cleaner to optimize your PC
Argente Registry Cleaner icon
Search, clean and repair any errors in your Windows registry
Flitskikker icon
See all the information about your computer in seconds
Disk Throughput Tester icon
Test your hard drive's performance
RegDoctor icon
Keep clean your Windows Registry
AdvancedWinServiceManager icon
Take control of the processes that run on your computer
TaskInfo icon
Complete info of your system and tasks
Remote Queue Manager Personal icon
Easily manage your print queue
RunScanner icon
Detect malicious processes running on your system
WebTemp icon
Monitor your computer’s temperature on another computer
Chameleon Delayer icon
Speed up Windows startup
TitleBarClock icon
Varied information for your windows' title bars
WinXP Manager icon
Power up your Windows
Bonita Open Solution icon
The three-in-one for your processes
Hardware Freak icon
All the information about your equipment within reach
Task Manager Modder icon
Customize the look of your task manager
Whats running icon
Total Control of the processes in your PC
Advanced Registry Optimizer icon
Optimize your PC and correct any error in Windows Registry
Obrut icon
Simulate processing speeds slower than your PC's
ecoPrint2 Pro: Ink and Paper Saver icon
Save paper and ink with this print wizard
My PC Reference icon
Access important information within a snap
Personal Activity Monitor icon
Boost up your productivity
RealPrinter icon
A virtual copier in your computer
System Explorer icon
A free, comprehensive task manager