Work Time Monitor icon
Generate reports of your computer activity
Kiply icon
How do you manage your time?
Screenhero icon
Share your desktop with other users without slowing it down
Cloud System Booster icon
Clean up your PC and improve its performance
Hmonitor icon
Monitor the temperature of your computer components
Baidu PC Faster icon
Optimize your computers performance eliminating all the rubbish
AppTimer icon
See how long it takes your programs to launch
BlueScreenView icon
Display all information that caused a Windows 'blue screen of death'
RescueTime icon
Analyze how you spend your time on your PC
Abelssoft Registry Cleaner icon
Clean your Windows registry and speed up your start time
BatchPach icon
Manage Windows Update to update all your computers at once
HD Speed icon
Compare and analyze your hard disk speeds
BookletCreator icon
Create booklets from PDF files
Windows Inspection Tool Set icon
Centralized management for all the system's resources
RamSmash icon
Speed up your PC and take the best out of your RAM
Nero CD DVD Speed icon
Check your DVD's drive real performance
MvPCinfo icon
Get all info about your system with just a click
Security Task Manager icon
Keep malware from damaging your computer
ProcessActivityView icon
View the active processes in your system
Registry Reviver icon
Diagnose and repair errors on your registry
Kiwi icon
Monitor and control your programs
SoftCopy icon
Print documents in PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF
Task ForceQuit Pro icon
Intuitive and lightweight task manager
Game Power icon
Optimize your system for your favorite video games
Argente Registry Cleaner icon
Search, clean and repair any errors in your Windows registry
Task Blocker icon
Block any task that runs on your computer
Registry Smoker icon
Guaranteed efficiency by deleting invalid entries on the registry
RefreshPC icon
Make your Windows settings like new with just one click
7Smoker icon
Improve your PC's performance with no hassle
AdminToys Suite icon
Monitor your PC's performance remotely
SuperEasy Registry Cleaner icon
Registry cleaner to optimize your PC
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