Firefox add-ons and plugins

Piclens icon
View presentations of the photos you have stored online
Google Cache Checker icon
Extension to know if a page is in Google´s search index
Flagfox icon
Find out which country the website you're visiting is hosted in
SpeedyFox icon
Accelerate the loading time of you Firefox browser
FireNES icon
Play thousands of Nintendo games in Firefox
Cooliris icon
Surf photo-galleries like never before
Screen Capture Elite icon
Capture the browser windows in one click
Print Edit icon
Edit a website before printing it
HTTPS Everywhere icon
Browse the web more securely
Firefox Lorentz icon
Stop Firefox shutting itself down every time a plugin crashes
Glubble icon
Probably the best parental control system for Firefox
Flight Monitor icon
Real-time flight monitor for Opera browser
FasterFox icon
Power up your Mozilla Firefox
CookiePie icon
Login as different users at the same time
Twitter Toolbar icon
Twitter toolbar for Firefox
CustomizeGoogle icon
Enhance the Google search results
Greasemonkey icon
Customize the way a webpage displays by using Javascript
OutWit Images icon
Search for and download any image from a website
Download Youtube As MP4 icon
Add a button to download Youtube videos as mp4
PasswordFox icon
View all password stored by Firefox Extension icon
Bookmark the pics you see when surfing the net
FEBE icon
Backups of your Firefox extensions
No Small Text icon
Make small texts bigger on any website using this extension
Ghostery icon
Find out who's keeping track of your online activity and block them
Better Privacy icon
More privacy during your web-surfing