Firefox add-ons and plugins

Beer oclock icon
It's beer time!
FireGestures icon
Take advantage of mouse gestures while using Firefox
Better Gmail 2 icon
Improve your Gmail's interface and add new features
TubeStop icon
Avoid YouTube ads on Firefox
2 Pane Bookmarks icon
Divide your Firefox bookmark panel into two sections
Auto Context icon
Open a context menu when selecting a text fragment
Mouse Gestures icon
Execute common commands by mouse gestures
SkipScreen icon
Skip waits and captchas of Megaupload, RapidShare and more
Shareaholic icon
Share and send websites throughout social bookmarkers
Session Manager icon
Save Firefox browsing sessions
TV-Fox icon
Access more than 2,000 TV channels from Firefox
Fireshot icon
Take screenshots of the websites you are visiting
Mini Map Sidebar icon
Surf the Internet and Google Maps at the same time
StumbleUpon icon
Bookmark & access new websites according to your preferences
Echofon icon
Update your Twitter from Firefox
Video Resumer icon
Watch Youtube videos from where you left off
Muter icon
Mute your browser with just a click
Mar Mod icon
Optimize and customize your browser
FXChrome icon
Give Firefox the Chrome look
GrooveShredder icon
Downlod tracks you listen to in Grooveshark
SearchWith icon
Fast and comfortable way to search for anything from the web browser
Briteclick icon
A new way to search in the web
Downloads in Tab icon
View your downloads in a new tab