Firefox add-ons and plugins

2 Pane Bookmarks icon
Divide your Firefox bookmark panel into two sections
Save Image In Folder icon
Download images from internet in an easy way
FireSizer icon
Adjust the size of your Mozilla Firefox window
easyGestures icon
Browsing in the quickest, most convenient way icon
Listen to your favorite music from your Firefox browser
FEBE icon
Backups of your Firefox extensions
FireNES icon
Play thousands of Nintendo games in Firefox
about:me icon
Get a summary of your daily browsing habits on Firefox
MozBackup icon
Backup of your Mozilla data
No Small Text icon
Make small texts bigger on any website using this extension
Video Resumer icon
Watch Youtube videos from where you left off
Mar Mod icon
Optimize and customize your browser
FXChrome icon
Give Firefox the Chrome look
LastPass Password Manager icon
Store passwords safely within Firefox
Clear inputs icon
Delete lots of text without having to select it
Better Privacy icon
More privacy during your web-surfing
GrooveShredder icon
Downlod tracks you listen to in Grooveshark
PageZipper icon
Merge all the article pages from a website into a single window
SearchWith icon
Fast and comfortable way to search for anything from the web browser
Briteclick icon
A new way to search in the web
Downloads in Tab icon
View your downloads in a new tab
Stratiform icon
Customize the look of your Firefox components
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