Firefox add-ons and plugins

NoSquint icon
Adjust the size and color of the fonts of websites
YSlow icon
Know why a website is running slow
Tiny Menu icon
Replace your Firefox menu bar with a drop-down menu
Pink Paula Theme icon
A Feminine Touch For Firefox
CacheViewer icon
Extension that lets you easily browse through your Firefox cache
Download Statusbar icon
A convenient status bar for your downloads in Firefox
Yet Another Window Resizer icon
Extension that resizes Firefox windows with one click
User Agent Switcher icon
Disguise Firefox as Internet Explorer
FireTune icon
Optimize your FireFox
CookiePie icon
Login as different users at the same time
Beer oclock icon
It's beer time!
HttpFox icon
Monitor http traffic right from Firefox
Better Gmail 2 icon
Improve your Gmail's interface and add new features
ProCon Latte icon
Block websites with explicit content on Mozilla Firefox
delicious Bookmarks icon
Seamlessly integrates your Firefox with
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