Firefox add-ons and plugins

PageZipper icon
Merge all the article pages from a website into a single window
Google Analytics Monitor icon
Keep your Google Analytics data at a glance
Thumbnail Zoom icon
Enlarge images by just hovering over them
Cool Previews icon
Preview links before you access them
Memory Restart icon
Limit crashing and freezing with this Firefox add-on
CheckPlaces icon
Keep your favorites always in order
Youtube2MP3 icon
Convert Youtube videos into mp3 audio files
Favicon Picker 2 icon
Change the favicon of Firefox bookmarks
Password Exporter icon
Export passwords from firefox to any other web browser
QuickScan icon
Analyze and protect your system against virus and spyware
Fire Uploader icon
Power up online services via Firefox
Internote icon
Sticky notes for Mozilla Firefox
All-In-One Sidebar icon
Powerful sidebar control for Firefox
Pink Paula Theme icon
A Feminine Touch For Firefox
abcTajpu icon
Type characters from different languages in Firefox
FoxTorrent icon
A bittorrent client for your Firefox
UnPlug Extension icon
Download a page's multimedia content through Firefox
Firefox Preloader icon
The fastest way to launch Firefox
Torrent Finder Toolbar icon
Search more than 150 torrent and trawler sites
CacheViewer icon
Extension that lets you easily browse through your Firefox cache
OpenDownload icon
Run Firefox downloads automatically
Download Statusbar icon
A convenient status bar for your downloads in Firefox
Image Zoom icon
Image zooming Firefox extension