Shock Desktop icon
Return your desktop icons to their original position
Wimbledon Wallpaper icon
Set Wimbledon courts as your wallpaper
San Antonio Spurs icon
The wallpaper of the 2007 NBA champs
2012 Wallpaper icon
Will the world disappear in 2012?
Magic Lens Max icon
A magnifying glass with endless ways to magnify your screen
CrazyDesktopVideo icon
Play videos as desktop background
SyncWall icon
Comprehensive wallpaper manager
Street Kings Wallpaper icon
Your desktop can be the king of the street
Porsche Windows Theme icon
A desktop theme for Porsche fans
Wally icon
Change the background automatically
Flickr Wallpaper Rotator icon
Download new wallpapers from Flickr and set them automatically
IconCool Editor icon
Manage and edit your icons
Font Manager icon
Manage your fonts with no problem
IconsExtract icon
Extract the icons from all of the programs on your computer
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