Speed Install icon
Install all the most important programs in minutes
WhatChanged icon
Find changes in your registry immediately
BulletsPassView icon
Easily recover forgotten passwords
My Faster PC icon
Have your PC running like the first day
FIXIO PC Cleaner icon
Improve the stability and performance of your PC
Passware Kit Enterprise icon
Recover passwords and decrypt files
Don't Sleep icon
Keep your computer from shutting down or restarting
Flash Disinfector icon
Remove unwanted files from USB drives
KL Detector icon
Detect any kind of keyloggers in your system
RunAsDate icon
Run programs automatically at the selected day and time
FileTouch icon
Change creation date and time of any file
AllDup icon
Eliminate duplicate files from your computer
Q-Dir Portable icon
Portable version of this efficient file manager
Dead Disk Doctor icon
Recover information from any damaged disk
4t Tray Minimizer icon
Minimize any application to your taskbar
Google Updater icon
Download all the programs that every PC must have
UPX icon
A compression utility for executable files
BestCrypt Container Encryption icon
Crypt your important files an keep them safe
SecureZip icon
Serious, accurate and free alternative to WinZip
Serial Key Manager icon
Save all your passwords and access them easily
Cyber-D's Autodelete icon
Free up space on your hard drive by using filters
Safe4cam icon
Convert your webcam into a security camera
Windows Vista Service Pack icon
The candidate to the first Windows Vista update
Sysinternals Suite icon
Complete system tool pack by Sysinternals
PowerArchiver icon
Complete file compresser/decompresser
Password Depot icon
Safely admin your passwords
AutoClick icon
Create macros for your mouse and let it move automatically
Executor icon
More than just an application launcher
Norton Ghost icon
Protect your data against crashes, create backups easily
7 Taskbar Tweaker icon
Edit configuration settings of Windows 7 taskbar
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