The world’s largest collection for managing your everyday life: cooking software, sports, mobile phone tools, organizers, lottery
Sticker icon
Create sticky notes and stick them on your desktop
Concenturio icon
Use your favorite songs to remember the tasks you have to do
Visual Cash icon
Manage your home finance with this application
jGnash icon
Keep track of your home finances
Calizo icon
Calendar application that groups events in timeline
Creador de errores falsos icon
Make fake computer errors for pranks
Easy Time Planner icon
Prioritize your pending tasks
WakeMeUp icon
Wake up with the music you like
FenrirFS icon
Organize and manage your files with useful labels
Saladin icon
A quick way to manage all the files on your system
Mis colecciones icon
Organize all your collections, even stamps
QVivo icon
Your custom social media center
SmartMenu icon
Quickly create menus for bars and restaurants
Converber icon
A fantastic unit converter
TurnedOnTimesView icon
Find out when and why your PC turned on or off
ClonMax icon
A personal assistant powered by AI
TestPULSE icon
Measure and monitor your heart rate
Mozilla Sunbird Portable icon
The portable version of this great online calendar
Quotes icon
Include famous quotes in your messenger and email
ToDoList Portable icon
Manage your work in an efficient and effective way
Roadnav icon
Open source GPS navigator for computers
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