Operating System

OSL2000 Boot Manager icon
Start your equipment with the operating system you want
Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor icon
Check if your computer is ready to use Windows Vista
MojoPac icon
OS under Windows that fits an iPod or USB
uSbuntu Live Creator icon
Create a USB directly from Windows with Ubuntu
WinUp icon
Install all the official Windows XP patches
Key Status Indicator 4dots icon
Easily get notified when caps lock is on
EaseUS GoBack icon
Uninstall Windows 10 and go back to Windows 7 or 8
WHDownloader icon
Smooth updates for your operating system
PCFerret icon
Find out important information about your PC
Macgo Free iPhone Explorer icon
Manage the contents of your iPhone with no hassle
4Free Uninstaller icon
Quickly manage the tools that are installed on your system
Anfibia Switch icon
Program your computer to restart or shut down
CrowdInspect icon
Analyze the processes running on Windows
Easy Start Launcher icon
Open a new desktop with the things you use everyday
Pretty Run icon
Find all the direct accesses to your programs
Drive Vaccine icon
Restore your PC to an earlier status after restarting
Inmersive Explorer icon
Excellent alternative to the traditional Windows Explorer
Super Win Menu icon
Alternative Windows start menu program to open programs and documents
Win 8 Start Menu Changer icon
Make Windows 8 over into the style of Windows 7
ForOffPC icon
Schedule a time for your PC to turn on and off automatically
KM Remote icon
Control your computer from a distance
CSMenu icon
Switch the start menu in Windows 7 to the classic XP one
Seven Classic Start icon
Get the classic Start menu back on Windows 7