Operating System

AOMEI OneKey Recovery icon
Recover your Windows backups easily
LinuxLive USB Creator icon
The simplest and most comfortable way to use Linux in Windows
Instant Elevator Music icon
Listen to typical elevator music while you wait in front of the PC
Ubuntu Setup icon
Install the Linux Ubuntu distribution from Windows
MojoPac icon
OS under Windows that fits an iPod or USB
Desktop Info icon
Your system info always at a glance
andLinux icon
Run Linux applications on Windows
Actual Window Manager icon
Add new and interesting functions to each window
Windows 7 Easy Transfer icon
Transfer your accounts, e-mails and documents from XP to Windows 7
KillWin icon
Enable and disable Windows Update
Macgo Free iPhone Explorer icon
Manage the contents of your iPhone with no hassle
Bad Shortcut Killer icon
Get rid of all the invalid shortcuts on your device
Win 8 Start Menu Changer icon
Make Windows 8 over into the style of Windows 7
Stims icon
Don't let your computer turn off without your permission
TimeComX icon
Organize different tasks to accomplish in a certain timeframe
Logon Editor icon
Change the background image of Windows 7 logon screen
Security Process Explorer icon
A better task manager for your computer
Folder Guide icon
Access your favorite folders in a snap
SideSlide icon
Set up your favorite shortcuts with this work panel
uSbuntu Live Creator icon
Create a USB directly from Windows with Ubuntu
WinUp icon
Install all the official Windows XP patches
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