Operating System

eyeOS Mini Server icon
Great web-based technology desktop for Windows
Ubuntu Setup icon
Install the Linux Ubuntu distribution from Windows
MediaPortal icon
Turn your PC into a true multimedia center
Super Win Menu icon
Alternative Windows start menu program to open programs and documents
DelayedSleep icon
Automate your computer's sleep mode
Portable Ubuntu Remix icon
Use Ubuntu as if it was a Windows application
Hotkeyz icon
Assign hotkeys to programs to run them with one click
Cinebench icon
Evaluate your processor and graphics performance
Partition Boot Manager icon
Boot manager that supports up to 256 OS on the same disk
Barts PE Builder icon
A new answer to antiquated boot discs
ClipGuru icon
Wonderful clipboard assistant
MojoPac icon
OS under Windows that fits an iPod or USB
MokaFive Creator Express icon
Virtualize a wide variety of operating systems
WHDownloader icon
Smooth updates for your operating system
XP Update Extender icon
Keep getting updates for Windows XP
Macgo Free iPhone Explorer icon
Manage the contents of your iPhone with no hassle
MyKeyFinder icon
See all the serial numbers for your computer with just a glance
Win 8 Start Menu Changer icon
Make Windows 8 over into the style of Windows 7
ForOffPC icon
Schedule a time for your PC to turn on and off automatically
KM Remote icon
Control your computer from a distance
Get Your Keys icon
Get your Windows Serial Number and more
Stims icon
Don't let your computer turn off without your permission
WinRescue 7 icon
Restore your computer's data in just a few minutes
Windows Error Lookup Tool icon
What does this Windows error code mean?
Logon Screen icon
Easily change the logon screen
Schedule Start Stop icon
Run or close programs automatically
7Plus icon
Upgrade package for Windows Explorer
Desktop Info icon
Your system info always at a glance
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