Operating System

WHDownloader icon
Smooth updates for your operating system
PCFerret icon
Find out important information about your PC
PC Auto Shutdown icon
Shut down or restart your PC automatically
Paragon Rescue Kit icon
Restore your operating system even when your PC won't start
XP Update Extender icon
Keep getting updates for Windows XP
Anfibia Switch icon
Program your computer to restart or shut down
What's My Computer Doing icon
Find out everything your PC's doing in real time
CrowdInspect icon
Analyze the processes running on Windows
Easy Start Launcher icon
Open a new desktop with the things you use everyday
Pretty Run icon
Find all the direct accesses to your programs
JeS Multi-Monitor Suite icon
Make it easier to browse on computers with multiple monitors
FileSearchy icon
New ways to search for files on your device
Drive Vaccine icon
Restore your PC to an earlier status after restarting
TouchMote icon
Control your computer with the Wiimote
MyKeyFinder icon
See all the serial numbers for your computer with just a glance
ForOffPC icon
Schedule a time for your PC to turn on and off automatically
CSMenu icon
Switch the start menu in Windows 7 to the classic XP one
Seven Classic Start icon
Get the classic Start menu back on Windows 7
Get Your Keys icon
Get your Windows Serial Number and more
WhatIsHang icon
Guess the reasons why that program is hang
Windows 7 Logon Message icon
Persoonalize Windows 7 Logon screen
Allarms icon
Automate and schedule your daily activities
Signo icon
Use keyboard shortcuts for all kinds of actions
Burg icon
Choose the Operating System you want to run at startup
Selector icon
Dozens of shortcuts in just one hotkey
XP UpdatePack icon
Access all Windowx XP updates
Jar2Exe icon
Convert your Java files to Exe in six steps
Insomnia icon
Stop your PC from hibernating or shutting down when it's inactive
DelayedSleep icon
Automate your computer's sleep mode
FilerFrog icon
Dozens of system options just a mouse-click away
Windows Error Lookup Tool icon
What does this Windows error code mean?
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