Operating System

Get Your Keys icon
Get your Windows Serial Number and more
WhatIsHang icon
Guess the reasons why that program is hang
Windows 7 Logon Message icon
Persoonalize Windows 7 Logon screen
Allarms icon
Automate and schedule your daily activities
Signo icon
Use keyboard shortcuts for all kinds of actions
Selector icon
Dozens of shortcuts in just one hotkey
XP UpdatePack icon
Access all Windowx XP updates
Jar2Exe icon
Convert your Java files to Exe in six steps
Insomnia icon
Stop your PC from hibernating or shutting down when it's inactive
Stims icon
Don't let your computer turn off without your permission
DelayedSleep icon
Automate your computer's sleep mode
Logon Editor icon
Change the background image of Windows 7 logon screen
FilerFrog icon
Dozens of system options just a mouse-click away
Windows Error Lookup Tool icon
What does this Windows error code mean?
Vistalizator icon
Install language packs on any Windows version
AgataSoft HotKey Manager icon
Assign as many shortcuts as you want
SystemNucleus icon
Easily manage all your system resources
Instant Elevator Music icon
Listen to typical elevator music while you wait in front of the PC
OpenTempus icon
Keep track of time spent in front of your computer
Shutti 2010 Lite icon
Schedule the shutdown of your computer
StartupSelector icon
Save, change and restore Windows startup configuration
ZonkPC icon
Restart or shut off your computer at a certain time
SecondShell icon
Make the way you use Windows more dynamic
TsRebootTimer icon
Restart your computer after one minute
Security Process Explorer icon
A better task manager for your computer
StartupStar icon
Control the programs run in Windows startup
Error Repair Professional icon
Scan your computer, find errors and repair them
AltDrag icon
Easily drag and resize windows
Hotkeyz icon
Assign hotkeys to programs to run them with one click
Start-Q icon
Speed up Windows Startup with this program
Desktop Info icon
Your system info always at a glance
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