Notes / Appointments

OrangeNote icon
Take notes in different styles depending on the event
BlogIdeas icon
Note your ideas for future posts in your blog
AM-Notebook icon
Take notes and create events in this calendar
Holy Services icon
Calendar-like planning of holy services
Cloud Pad icon
Create virtual reminder notes
esyPlanner icon
Plan your working day and create reminder notes
TurboNote+ icon
Excellent note manager with extra features
iTunes Multialarm icon
Wake up with your favourite music
Sticker icon
Create sticky notes and stick them on your desktop
A Note icon
Access your notes from different computers
Free Notes icon
Simple system for reminders and alarms
ATnotes icon
Post-its on your desktop
Note-It icon
Write your digital post-its
MiniReminder icon
Practical, simple, free agenda
Your Voice Reminder icon
Innovate, add voices to your reminders
Freenote icon
Add small notes on your desktop
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