Notes / Appointments

Desktop Reminder icon
Don´t forget any important date or meeting with this Virtual Agenda
Simple Sticky Notes icon
Create notes and place them on your desktop
Xournal icon
Write and draw on this useful notepad
Notebook icon
The best tool for taking notes
Scratch 1 icon
Organize your notes in no time
Atomic Alarm Clock icon
Customize your desktop's clock and turn it into an alarm clock
Microsoft OneNote icon
Take customized notes and sync them on all your devices
Salaat Time icon
Useful application to remember the 5 daily Muslim prayer times
Simplenote icon
A straightforward note-taking tool
Notezilla icon
Write notes and stick them to your desktop
Post-it Digital Notes icon
Fill-in your desktop with notes
Task Tiger icon
Manage your time and work better
UP2 Alarm After Countdown icon
Wake up thanks to this useful alarm clock
RedNotebook icon
Write down your day-to-day activities in this virtual diary
OrangeNote icon
Take notes in different styles depending on the event
A Note icon
Access your notes from different computers
Freenote icon
Add small notes on your desktop
MessageBox Maker icon
Show reminders in Windows startup
StickyNotes icon
Three dimensional notes for your desktop
NotesHolder icon
Quick notes in your system tray
Aml Pages icon
Organize your notes and text documents in tree view
Sticker icon
Create sticky notes and stick them on your desktop
Free Notes icon
Simple system for reminders and alarms
ATnotes icon
Post-its on your desktop
Note-It icon
Write your digital post-its