Notes / Appointments

YouMemo icon
Put reminders on this virtual bulletin board
Two-Click Reminder icon
Remember all of your pending tasks using these notifications
Notepad Replacer icon
Change the default Windows notepad
Concenturio icon
Use your favorite songs to remember the tasks you have to do
Popup Pad icon
Make notes on your PC so you don't forget anything
Desk & Archive icon
Turn your desktop into a to-do list
Fecha Limite icon
Create a countdown for any event
AbAlarm icon
An alarm that will remind you about everything you always forget
Task Scheduler icon
A simple app that reminds you of your tasks
Desktop Clock icon
What time is it?
NoteClip icon
Take notes easily!
Horario icon
Need to make a schedule for a high school or college?
ResophNotes icon
A simple note manager with online synchronization
Chrometa icon
Manage your time more efficiently and in the cloud
UP2 Alarm After Countdown icon
Wake up thanks to this useful alarm clock
Ticks icon
Time and money counter for freelance workers
Tomboy icon
Have an idea? Jot it down on your desktop
Tasks.Show icon
Smart notes that will always keep you informed
Notes icon
A simple and easy-to-use notes manager
mfNotePad icon
Place notes on your desktop without cluttering it up
Screen Clock icon
A beautiful analog clock for your desktop
Stop Watch icon
Simple stopwatch for your computer
FruitFulTime Notekeeper icon
Take notes and organize your thoughts
Take Note icon
You won't forget anything with these pop-up reminders
Task Tiger icon
Manage your time and work better
RedNotebook icon
Write down your day-to-day activities in this virtual diary
Power Notes icon
Don't forget anything thanks to this effective note manager
Wieldy icon
Full-featured agenda not lacking in any detail
JustToDoIt icon
An incredibly simple task manager
Ora Time and Expense icon
A task manager, expense log, and timer, all in one
TimeRecorder icon
Keep an eye on what you work on and how long it takes
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