Talisman Desktop icon
No limits to customize your desktop
Dexpot icon
Use multiple independent desktops
Stickies icon
Create notes and remindes as if they were Post-its
Vista Glazz icon
Add glass effect to maximized windows in Windows Vista
DisplayFusion icon
Power up and configure the use of several screens
WinZip Driver Updater icon
Update all your PC drivers easy and safely
Amazing Screen Recorder icon
Record and capture your computer's screen
SSuite Mac Dock for PC icon
All the features of the Apple dock on your Windows desktop
Free Jetico Time Zone Converter icon
Find out the time in any part of the world instantly
Window On Top icon
Keep any window on top
Arrange Your Desktop1.0.5.1 icon
The simplest way to clean up your desktop
Bubble Dock icon
A flashy and well-designed bar for your desktop
Bins icon
Sort icons in group in the system tray
Win NumPad Positioner icon
Position windows on your desktop to save space
AeroWeather: Weather icon
Change the colour in Aero to match the weather
NimiVisuals icon
Lots of visual effects for Windows XP
Styler icon
Change the look and feel of windows XP
Plus Dancer LE - BooWho icon
Liven up your Halloween party with a spooky dancer
Shock Aero icon
Vista Aero effect for XP
Yahoo Widgets Engine icon
Add widgets to your desktop
CSS Design Wizard icon
Create CSS style sheets with no previous knowledge
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