TaskbarX icon
Move the toolbar icons
Remote Mouse icon
Use your Android or iOS to control your PC
RocketDock icon
Add a fashionable taskbar to your desktop
ScreenMarker icon
Show off your drawings on the screen
Desktop Goose icon
Unleash a goose on your desktop
Clover icon
Add tabs to your desktop folders
Fences icon
Orgnize your desktop in a new and useful way
Antimicro icon
Configure the controls of any gamepad on your PC
Rainmeter icon
Control your CPU, downloads and more
LeftSider icon
Switch your window's buttons to the left side
WhiteBoard icon
Paint on your PC as if it were a whiteboard
ClearLock icon
Lock your computer, not the sceeen
Desktops icon
What if you could use several virtual desktops on Windows?
Dead Pixel Buddy icon
Test for dead pixels
ShareMouse icon
Control multiple screens at the same time with a single mouse
Clip Studio Paint icon
Draw like you never thought you could on your PC
NVIDIA GeForce NOW icon
NVIDIA's cloud-based games service
bLend icon
Apply transparency to all Windows
Air Display icon
Use your iPad or iPhone as a second monitor
Real Desktop icon
Turn your desktop into a real 3D desktop
RK Launcher icon
Adapt the Macintosh tool bar to WindowsXP
Yodm 3D icon
Virtual Desktop Manager featuring the Cube 3D effect
SunsetScreen icon
Adjust the brightness of your screen based on the time of day
Actual Transparent Window icon
Adjust window transparency on Windows
NimiVisuals icon
Lots of visual effects for Windows XP
Styler icon
Change the look and feel of windows XP
AquaSnap icon
Power up Windows 7 AeroShake and AeroSnap functions