Celestia icon
Explore the universe in 3D
Subject Sugester icon
Let the computer to decide what to study
Book Writer icon
Edit your own book and manage your chapters with ease
Free Language Translator icon
Translate long texts into any language in the world
Instant Translation Translator icon
Spanish-English free translator
Cute Translator icon
Translate any document into any language you want
Avogadro icon
Design 3D, POV-Ray compatible molecules
Ace Translator icon
Quick and effective translation into dozens of languages.
Kidspiration icon
Encourage the visual learning of school-age kids
WorldWide Telescope icon
Unveil the secrets hidden in the sky right from your office
Freeplane icon
Design mind maps with all kinds of possibilities
aSc TimeTables icon
Create a complete school schedule in a matter of minutes
Wanem Hindi Dictionary icon
Look up English words in the Hindi dictionary
Matrix Calculator icon
Use this calculator to solve matrices
Virtual Moon Atlas icon
Explore and study the Moon's surface
WordPoint icon
Translate any word to the language you want
Wanem English to Nepali Dictionary 2.0 icon
Find out the meaning of English words or phrases in the Nepali
Kamus icon
Smartfind English-Indonesian / Ind-Eng dictionary
Big Number Calculator icon
Solve big Maths operations
Tray Dictionary icon
Look up English words with their English definitions
Mouse Trainer icon
Learn to use the computer mouse from scratch
Model ChemLab icon
Your in house chemical laboratory
La Santa Biblia En 3D icon
The most modern Bible for your PC
Wanem Unicode Converter icon
Convert Romanized Nepali to Nepali and translate straight from English
PySyCache icon
Educational software to learn how to use a mouse
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