TypingMaster icon
Learn typing with this personal teacher
Everyone Piano icon
Turn your keyboard into a virtual piano
Mendeley Desktop icon
Manage and organize your research and references
Google Books Downloader icon
The easy way to download eBooks from Google Books
Tux Typing icon
Learn typing playing with Tux
Google Translate Desktop icon
A desktop version of the official translator from Google
RapidTyping icon
Improve your typing skills
PictoBlox icon
Have a great time learning to code
FluidSIM icon
Are you into Electropneumatic?
TypeFaster icon
Type faster and better than ever
Simple Calculator icon
A calculator for your computer
Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor icon
Learn touch typing with this personal teacher
Microsoft Mathematics icon
Good graphing calculator by Microsoft
Let's Study icon
Track students and their studying abilities
GeoGebra icon
Tool for studying algebra, geometry, and calculus
Hot Potatoes icon
Tool to generate educational exercises for your website
MathType icon
Revolution your Math documents
Moodle icon
The most popular virutual teaching platform
Logisim icon
Design and simulation of digital logic circuits
Anki icon
Learn languages with Anki
Maxima icon
Free and Comprehensive algebra tool
Google Translate Desktop icon
Translate from and to any language in a snap
TuxMath icon
Educational game the promotes learning arithmetic
CmapTools icon
Create Concept Maps easily
Free Virtual Keyboard icon
A virtual keyboard to use on the screen
Hamster Free eBook Converter icon
Convert your eBooks to any format
Scilab icon
Programming language focused on scientific calculations
Derive icon
Powerful Mathematic Tool
QTranslate icon
Languages won't be a problem anymore
Deepl icon
One of the most widely-used online translators
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