OkMap icon
Work with all kinds of maps
yEd icon
Generate diagrams in seconds
Periodic Table Explorer icon
Explore the Periodic Table in a different way
Insect Identification Guide icon
Do you know what insect you have in front of you
Sebrans ABC icon
A pack of education games for kids
Coloring Book 9 Little Monsters icon
Remember those long afternoons in front of a coloring book
Artificial Planet icon
See how life evolves in this virtual world
El Flautista de Hamelin icon
Learn to read with this popular story
Magic Whiteboard icon
An excellent application for drawing together
KTuberling icon
An educational game for children
EarMaster School icon
Encourage your musical ear with exercises
iTest icon
Evaluate your students by means of exams on a local network
Chuletas icon
Since you already make cheat sheets--make them the best you can
HighC icon
Make music by drawing sounds freehand
ConvertAll icon
Convert using more than 400 units of measurement
JClic icon
Simple management tool for educational activities
Phun icon
Experience physics in a funny way
DocCF-Software Gestion Escolar icon
Excellent tool for managing any education centre
Colorea icon
Fun painting and coloring program for kids
Teach2000 icon
Create tests for your students in just a few steps
PDFtoMusic icon
Play musical scores uploaded in PDF documents
Math Calculator icon
Fantastic calculator featuring all kind of operations
Plaphoons icon
Communicate more easily with people who have disabilities
Advanced Net Monitor for Class icon
Want to see the screen of a remote computer?
StudyMinder icon
Organize your study schedule efficiently
KidDesktop icon
A safe desktop environment for your kids
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