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Generate diagrams in seconds
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Share, organize, and catalog your book collection
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Do your lab work at home
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Make music by drawing sounds freehand
Diagram Designer icon
Create your own diagrams in a vector format.
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Experience physics in a funny way
ClickCharts Free Diagram and Flowchart Maker icon
Create complex diagrams in the easiest and quickest way
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Learn while you play with this fun tool
La Santa Biblia En 3D icon
The most modern Bible for your PC
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Create diagrams in a moment
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Administer multiple-choice exams of every kind
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Educational software to learn how to use a mouse
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Excellent tool for managing any education centre
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Fun painting and coloring program for kids
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Create tests for your students in just a few steps
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Fantastic calculator featuring all kind of operations
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Quality environment for creating educational books
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Easily solve different types of physics formulas
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Create your own crosswords and publish them