ClickCharts Free Diagram and Flowchart Maker icon
Create complex diagrams in the easiest and quickest way
SSuite Office Lemon Juice icon
A free and very comprehensive office package
FCorp - Acronym Database icon
Create your own acronyms with a little help
FCorp - Anagram icon
Create anagrams with whatever letters you want
ConnectedText icon
Create your own personal wiki
TeeChart Office icon
Create all sorts of professional graphs for your projects
Citavi icon
Manage all the bibliographic references of your research
Omnitux icon
Learn while you play with this fun tool
Lucy's Globe icon
The best way to learn geography
Explorador FF icon
Create fractals with this comprehensive tool
InnerSoft Stats icon
The definitive tool to calculate statistical data
Best Reader icon
Read, study, and understand faster and more efficiently
Pianotrain icon
Improves the reading of piano scores and solfege
Blumind icon
Create diagrams in a moment
Zim icon
Take the Wiki concept to your desktop
Neblipedia icon
A portable encyclopedia for those without Internet access
yEd icon
Generate diagrams in seconds
Numerology icon
Find out your karma and your futuro thanks to numerology
Total Exams icon
Administer multiple-choice exams of every kind
Book List icon
Share, organize, and catalog your book collection
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