Driver Armor icon
Search for and update your PC drivers automatically
Startup View icon
Smoothly manage program startup on your PC
Chameleon Shutdown icon
Shut down your computer automatically with this free tool
Executor icon
More than just an application launcher
Useless Auto Clicker icon
Automate proccesses in your PC
Areca Backup icon
Automate backup copies on your computer
WinBatch icon
Automate your work and save time
AllOff icon
Turn your computer off automatically and control other ones remotely
Hygeia icon
Automate your tasks and forget about any complications
AfflatusMind Macro Recorder icon
Automate processes and save time on recurrent tasks
DShutdown icon
Turn on and shutdown your computer automatically
Asoftech Automation icon
Automate all the repetitive tasks on your computer
Sinvise Shutdown Timer icon
Automatically shut down your system according to its status
Automation Star icon
Easily automate common tasks
IntelliLogin icon
Stop entering User and pass, let IntelliLogin do it
ShortKeys Lite icon
Write entire paragraphs with just one key
MemoKeys icon
Write texts and paragraphs just by pushing one button