TinyTask icon
Easily automate any activity
GS Auto Clicker icon
Click automatically
Auto Keyboard Presser icon
Simulate the pressing of key combos on your computer
Ghost Mouse icon
Have your mouse moving automatically
Auto Typer icon
Type whole sentences by just pressing a button
Macro Recorder icon
Record mouse movements and create patterns
Timed Shutdown icon
Turn off your computer when necessary without lifting a finger
vTask Studio icon
Automate your PC and achieve better performance at the same time
Perfect Keyboard icon
Save time typing with personal shortcuts for your keyboard
Auto Mouse Clicker by Autosofted icon
Program as many automatic clicks as you need
Rocket Launcher icon
Launch any program exactly when you need it
Executor icon
More than just an application launcher
AutoHotkey icon
Automatize the actions you usually do
ShortKeys Lite icon
Write entire paragraphs with just one key
Keyboard Launchpad icon
Assign hotkeys to specific functions