Waktu Solat Brunei icon
Manage your prayers close to the mosque
Maroc Salat icon
An Islamic prayer time schedule, especially made for Morocco
Diccionario Teológico icon
A very comprehensive and useful theology dictionary
Imagenes cristianas icon
A huge selection of Christian images to reaffirm your faith
NWT Bible - Lite icon
The Bible in modern English
ElifBa icon
Learn how to read the Quran
Quran icon
Quran is a simple app with good features
Quran Abdelbasset Abdessamad icon
Abdelbasset Abdessamad recites the Koran in MP3
Diccionario Bíblico Nelson icon
A dictionary so you don't lose the meaning of anything in The Bible
Bible Verses icon
Keep Bible verses with you everywhere you go
Quran-now-القران الان icon
Collection of audios in which the Quran is recited
Scripture icon
A free Catholic Bible app
Estudos Biblicos Teologia icon
Various lessons about the Bible
Estudos Biblicos Diarios icon
Study passages from the Bible
Santa Biblia Reina Valera versión 1960 en Español icon
Study passages from this famous version of the Bible
Christian Sermons icon
Read these Christian sermons on your smartphone
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