Salah Surahs in Quran icon
If you want to memorize short surahs in Quran this application for you
Prayers Guides icon
Learn how to perform the Salah correctly
Kamalapps Feliz Navidad icon
Celebrate Christmas in all its glory
Qibla Locator & Prayer Time icon
Pray at the right times
Astro 360 : Real Astrology icon
A personal astrologer that can answer your questions
Diccionario Teológico icon
A very comprehensive and useful theology dictionary
ElifBa icon
Learn how to read the Quran
TvQuran icon
Listen to the Quran in high quality audio
Quran In English icon
The Quran in English for your smartphone
Welcome to gundbal muslims islamic information app
Love status icon
The best love status in Hindi
Las 7 bienaventuranzas - el sermon de la montaña icon
Discover the secret of Jesus' mountain
Metafisica 4 en 1 para todos icon
Learn about metaphysical concepts on your smartphone
Palavra do Dia Coutinho icon
Access content from this department
Mis Oraciones icon
Daily prayers right in your pocket
Bosquejos Biblicos icon
Outlines for sermons or Bible studies
Quran (Arabic) icon
Read the Quran every day thanks to this app
ChitraguptaPuja icon
A devotional app for Hindus
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