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Download religion apps for Android for free

Noorani Qaida icon
The Quran for children and adults is here
ElifBa icon
Learn how to read the Quran
Pinoy Bible icon
Very useful bilingual bible for the Philippines
NIV Bible icon
A new Evangelical version of the Bible
Diccionario Bíblico icon
Know everything there is to know about the Bible
Asan Quran Urdu icon
The Koran in Urdu
Bible Study icon
Study every vesicle of the bible
Noble Quran icon
Nobel Quran
استخاره آلامتو icon
استخاره، تفسیر تخصصی، صوت
Wëël jwøk| bible app + audio icon
Holy Bible in three languages: Amharic, Dha Anywaa, and English
Tasbeeh Counter icon
App to track daily recitations
Step by step Muslim Prayer Guide Book
حياة المسلم icon
Omar Shawkey
أذكار icon
Fatima Khamlichi
eTASBEEH : Digital tasbih counter app icon
A simple tasbih counter app
Quran icon
Prayer Times icon
Manage your prayer times with this tool
م.صالح أحمد icon
صالح احمد
Guidance Quran icon
Mustafa hazem
الإسلامي الشامل-أذكار-قران icon
تلاوة القرآن الكريم بصوت 158
محب الإسلام icon
محب الإسلام
Islamic teachings icon
Basic pillars of Islam
Muslim pro icon
J developers
Study Bible icon
IslamicTube icon
Your Comprehensive Islamic Companion
Holy Bible Now icon
Dive deeper into your Bible study
Quran and Azkar icon
Listening to the Quran and engaging in Azkar
Full Quran Sharif Offline APP icon
Access the Holy Quran offline
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