Waktu Solat Brunei icon
Manage your prayers close to the mosque
Diccionario Teológico icon
A very comprehensive and useful theology dictionary
Sahih Muslim icon
A guide to good behavior for Muslims
Enciclopedia Bíblica icon
A comprehensive Biblical encyclopedia
Islami icon
Tons of Islamic references and teachings
Promesas icon
Receive the word of God on your smartphone every day
Maroc Salat icon
An Islamic prayer time schedule, especially made for Morocco
Halal Check icon
The most complete collection of food additives
Islamic Calendar Converter icon
A tool to remind you of Islamic days of observance
Holy Bible (KJV) icon
King James' Bible on your smartphone
ElifBa icon
Learn how to read the Quran
ESV Bible icon
Read the Bible with this high-quality app
Holy Quran icon
Discover the Quran and all its wonders
Diccionario Bíblico Nelson icon
A dictionary so you don't lose the meaning of anything in The Bible
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