Salatuk Prayer time icon
Never miss a prayer
JW Library icon
The official app for Jehovah's Witnesses
Al-Quran (Free) icon
A free version of the Quran for Android
Al-Moazin Lite icon
Make sure you're always praying in the right direction toward Mecca
Santa Biblia Reina Valera icon
The Bible on your Android device
Bible Offline icon
Take this offline Bible with you everywhere you go
Quran Android icon
The Qur'an, for Android
The Holy Quran Offline icon
Read the Quran offline
Athan: Prayer Times Quran More icon
A complete app for prayers
Bible KJV icon
A translation of the King James Bible for Android
Qibla Connect icon
Direct your prayers towards Mecca
Amplified Bible icon
The Word of God in all its detail
iQuran Lite icon
Read the Quran wherever and whenever you want
Salaat First icon
Keep your Islamic prayers with you always
Waktu Solat Malaysia icon
Remember prayer times and find nearby mosques with this Malaysian app
Biblioteca del Evangelio icon
App of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Bible icon
A new verse from the King James Bible every day
Bíblia Sagrada Grátis icon
Read the Bible in Portuguese with this app
Bible Study icon
Study every vesicle of the bible
And Bible icon
The Bible in any language on your Android
All Bible Stories icon
All the Bible stories on your Android
Quran for Muslim: Audio and Read icon
Read or listen to the Quran from anywhere
Pinoy Bible icon
Very useful bilingual bible for the Philippines
La Santa Biblia icon
Discover and read The Bible
Santa Biblia Reina Valera 1960 icon
The Bible on your mobile phone
Sheikh Sudais Quran MP3 icon
The Koran read by Abdul Rahman Al Sudais
Holy Bible (KJV) icon
King James' Bible on your smartphone