Biblia fuera de línea icon
Take the Bible with you without needing an Internet connection
Santa Biblia para la Mujer icon
A special version of the Bible made specifically for women
Halal Check icon
The most complete collection of food additives
iMuslim icon
Calendar, Qibla locator, and prayer times, all in one app
Best Bible Verses by Topic icon
Tons of Bible verses sorted by subject matter
Noorani Qaida icon
The Quran for children and adults is here
Bible Notify icon
Receive a daily Bible verse in English
Yá-Sín Al-Mulk An-Nabaa icon
Read important passages from the Quran
Temas Bíblicos para predicar icon
Tons of passages from the Bible
Kinh Koran icon
Read the Quran in Arabic or Vietnamese
The Bible Dictionary icon
Dictionary and encyclopedia for the Bible
Asan Quran Urdu icon
The Koran in Urdu
Holy Bible King James Version icon
The King James version of the Holy Bible with audio
Q8PrayApp icon
The five daily Islamic prayer times with this app for Kuwait
Holy Quran video and MP3 icon
Useful audio and video for studying the Quran
Holy Bible icon
Look up words from the scripture right from your Android
Personajes Bíblicos Biografías icon
Learn about the life of any person from the Bible
Theology Dictionary icon
The most complete theological dictionary
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