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Download religion apps for Android for free

Nyimbo Cia Ngai icon
A Kikuyu Hymn Book that will bring you closer to worship God
Prayer Timings Muslim Salatuk icon
Precision Islamic prayer times app with notifications and location-based services
رفيق المسلم icon
Muslim companion
مواقيت الصلاة icon
Cheikh Abdellahi
Muslim App icon
Saints of the day icon
Catholic Saints of the day
M-Counter icon
App that can be used to count Azkaar al-Mutlaqa
MyQuran Al Quran dan Terjemahan icon
Access the Quran offline
This app contains refreshing hymns with tasteful tunes
Imágenes Cristianas icon
Grupo Digital ERSA
PastorIAD icon
Santiago Martinez
Le Coran icon
Open Heavens Alert icon
Never miss or forget to study your Open heavens daily devotions
Quran-now-القران الان icon
Collection of audios in which the Quran is recited
Ana Muslim icon
Learn about the basics of the religion of Islam
Shia Online Tv icon
All the channels for knowledge about Islamic
KJV Bible dramatized icon
Read or listen to the Bible on your smartphone
Metafisica 4 en 1 para todos icon
Learn about metaphysical concepts on your smartphone
Bible Stories icon
Read biblical passages in a dynamic way
Muslims 365 icon
Build your Muslim community on Android
Azkar icon
Quran (Arabic) icon
Read the Quran every day thanks to this app
Surah Mulk icon
Still New Again
Islamic Guide Pro icon
The perfect app for keeping track of prayer times
Systematic Biblical Theology icon
Learn more details about the most important topics in the Bible
Bible KJV icon
A translation of the King James Bible for Android
Theology Questions and Answers icon
Guide to know the answer to religious questions
Bahai Qiblih Locator icon
Find Bahá'í Qiblih direction with precision GPS compass app
Feng Shui Compass icon
Optimize life spaces with essential Feng Shui energy balancing app
Daily Hindu Prayers icon
Prayer icon
Binu Ariyappallil Joseph
Halal Check icon
The most complete collection of food additives
Time4Salat icon
An excellent Islamic tool
Radio Quran icon
A radio broadcast that focuses on the Quran
iMuslim icon
Calendar, Qibla locator, and prayer times, all in one app
The bible quiz game icon
How much do you really know about The Bible?
Biblia NVI icon
New International Version of the Bible in Portuguese, now on Android
Juz Amma (Suras of Quran) icon
Original and translated versions of suras from the Quran
NWT Bible - Lite icon
The Bible in modern English
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