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Roguelike Deckbuilder

Here're our top best Roguelike Deckbuilder games for Android
1. Night of Full Moon icon
Night of Full Moon is a roguelike with a card-based combat system. In fact, even the story itself is based on these cards. This way...
32.4 k downloads
2. Rogue Adventure icon
Rogue Adventure is a 'deck builder roguelike' cleanly styled after Slay the Spire. Players crawl their way through a dungeon teeming with enemies and treasure...
41 k downloads
3. Endless Abyss icon
Endless Abyss is a 'deck building roguelike' from the same line as Slay the Spire where you delve into the depths of an abyss full...
13.6 k downloads
4. Breach Wanderers icon
Breach Wanderers is a roguelike deckbuilder where players can control an adventurer who must venture into the depths of the mysterious Breach. This place is...
9.1 k downloads
5. Card Guardians icon
Card Guardians is a roguelike deck-building game, in the fashion of Slay the Spire, where players can control a knight with whom they have to...
18.4 k downloads
6. Royal Booty Quest: Card Roguelike icon
Royal Booty Quest: Card Roguelike is a game that’s openly inspired in Slay the Spire, where you get to play inside a fantasy world filled...
20.1 k downloads
7. Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes icon
Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes is a 'roguelike deck builder' inspired by Slay the Spire and other similar titles. Here, you'll be able to control an...
2.3 k downloads
8. Indies' Lies icon
Indies' Lies is a turn-based RPG belonging to the roguelike deckbuilder subgenre, where players control an adventurer chosen at the start, enter a universe of...
6.7 k downloads
9. Tower Ascension icon
Tower Ascension is a roguelike with a card combat system in proper Slay the Spire style where players have to climb a tower full of...
1.5 k downloads
10. Unknown Future icon
Unknown Future is a roguelike game with a card-based battle system very similar to the one in Slay the Spire. Explore every block of a...
8.2 k downloads

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A roguelike Slay the Spire-style card game
Tavern Rumble - Roguelike Deck Building Game icon
A great combination of deck building rougelike and strategy
Blade of Avengers icon
A gorgeous 'deck-building roguelike' with an anime look
Dreaming Dimension icon
Slay the Spire-style strategy, role-playing and cards
Numpurr Card Wars icon
Create your own deck in this mix of Roguelike and Tower Defense
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Explore strategic card play in endless roguelike adventures
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