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Discover the best of Lite Apps for Android. Download them for free and virus free from Uptodown
1. Facebook Lite icon
Facebook Lite is the reduced Lite version of the popular app owned by the North American conglomerate Meta. Unlike the standard version of the official...
279.6 M downloads
2. Messenger Lite icon
Messenger Lite is an official client developed by Facebook for its well-known instant messaging service. The biggest draw is that this client takes up much...
74.3 M downloads
3. Instagram Lite icon
Instagram Lite is the official Instagram app you've been waiting for, if you were looking for a miniaturized version of this ubiquitous social network. Weighing...
11.5 M downloads
4. TikTok Lite icon
TikTok lite (Musically GO) is the lightweight, optimized version of the popular app TikTok. Thanks to this app, you'll get to share hilarious videos and...
7.2 M downloads
5. Opera Mini icon
Opera Mini is an Internet browser that uses Opera servers to compress websites in order to load them more quickly, which is also useful for...
51.3 M downloads
6. imo Lite icon
imo Lite is an instant messaging tool that offers practically the same features as the standard version of imo but takes up half the space...
2.6 M downloads
7. YouTube Go icon
YouTube Go is an official app from YouTube that lets you download videos to your Android. This stops you from wasting your data when you...
49.4 M downloads
8. SHAREit Lite icon
SHAREit is already a household name amongst file sharing apps. But this time they're back with an even lighter option that provides almost all the...
2.1 M downloads
9. Twitter Lite icon
Twitter Lite is the tiniest and newest addition to Twitter's official apps. It lets you connect to the ever-popular social network through an app that...
2.5 M downloads
10. Lite Uptodown App Store icon
Lite Uptodown App Store is the LITE version of the Uptodown app that you can use to download tons of apps and games directly to...
603.2 k downloads

More apps from the Lite Apps collection

AnTuTu 3DBench Lite icon
Carry out a 3D rendering test on your smartphone
StarMaker Lite icon
Sing your favorite songs and become the star of the show!
Google Go icon
Get fast search results at a fraction of your data usage
Spotify Lite icon
A no-frills, ultralight version of Spotify
Share Karo: File Transfer App icon
Transfer files in a matter of seconds
PitchLab Lite icon
Tune your guitar with this tool
Internet Speed Meter Lite icon
Check the speed of your Internet connection on your status bar
Parallel Space Lite icon
Log in to the same app with two different accounts
Firefox Lite icon
The lightest Mozilla browser
Skype Lite icon
A featherweight version of Skype
BIGO LIVE Lite icon
The lite version of the fun social network BIGO
Litmatch Lite icon
Meet people on this social network
Turbo VPN Lite icon
A minimalist, lightweight, and fast VPN
DualSpace Lite icon
Use two different app accounts on a single device
Camera Go icon
A lightweight version of Google Camera
Genshin Impact · Cloud icon
Play Genshin Impact on any Android device
Gmail GO icon
A lite version of Google's email client Lite icon
Share music videos and special effects
Likee Lite icon
A lightweight version of the popular video app
Sidebar Lite icon
A sidebar for your Android smartphone
LED Blinker Lite icon
Set up and organize personalized notifications
Pinterest Lite icon
A smaller version of Pinterest
Gallery Go icon
Google's lite images gallery
Shortcut Master (Lite) icon
Manage shortcuts to folders and applications on your smartphone
Grindr Lite icon
A lightweight version of Grindr
Parallel Space Lite 64Bit Support icon
Parallel Space Lite support for 64-bit smartphones
Parallel Space Lite 32Bit Support icon
Improve Parallel Space Lite performance
Nostalgia.NES Lite icon
Feel the magic again with this NES emulator
gDMSS Lite icon
Official app for Dahua security devices
Aptoide Lite icon
Lite version of Aptoide
Yandex Browser Lite icon
The super light version of the Yandex browser
Network Cell Info Lite icon
M2Catalyst, LLC.
Google Assistant Go icon
Lite version of Google's virtual assistant
LINE Lite icon
A much lighter version of LINE
G-NetTrack Lite icon
An Internet monitor with tons of support
LinkedIn Lite icon
A lighter-weight version of the LinkedIn app
JioPOS Lite icon
Earn commissions with digital recharge partner app
iKamasutra Lite icon
Sex positions, tips, and games to keep the flame alive
John SNES Lite icon
Enjoy the best games on Super Nintendo with this emulator
Microsoft Outlook Lite icon
A lighter version of this powerful email cliente
Moj Lite + icon
Watch lots of short videos and upload your own
ZeepLive Lite icon
Global video chat with auto-translation for international friendships
Uber Lite icon
Uber at its tiniest, redesigned for 2G networks
ClassicBoy Lite icon
Emulate Playstation, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, and other consoles
TrinusVR Lite icon
Vidma Recorder Lite icon
Record your smartphone screen hassle-free
OPlayer Lite icon
All you need is this amazing video player
EasyUbnt Lite icon
An excellent data manager for Ubiquiti Networks smartphones
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