Mountain Climber: Frozen Dream icon
Help Mike climb a mountain and achieve his personal goals
Super Mario 2 HD icon
Amazing fangame based on the Nintendo hero
Chase Dr. Blaze icon
They've kidnapped your jellyfish! Rescue him!
Super Cat Bros icon
An excellent platformer featuring cats
Cattch icon
2D platforms in a world of wild cubes
Ignatius icon
A dark platformer with an interesting story
Vault! icon
The craziest and most fun pole vaulting
Cadi Gifts: Get Games for Free icon
Get a ton of games in different platforms for free
Adventure Time Blind Finned icon
Follow Finn and Jake on their next adventure
Rope Escape Atlantis icon
Throw ropes to escape Atlantis
Lumber Jacked icon
The adventures of a lumberjack
Meow! icon
Join Nori in his never-ending dream
T For icon
Earn rewards and gift cards easily and quickly
Super Bear Adventure icon
Bring peace back to the animal kingdom in this 3D platformer
Run across platforms and beat all the levels
Banana Kong Blast icon
Fly from barrel to barrel and gather all the bananas
Gotic Hero icon
Dodge obstacles and monsters as you explore each level!
Spooky Chase icon
Escape from the ghosts of the past
Air Ball: Infinity icon
Move this ball without falling in every level
Jumpy Pets icon
Explore a world full of coins -but avoid the traps!
Robot Wants Kitty icon
Help this little robot rescue the helpless cat
Panda Coloring Book icon
Coloring pages for children
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