Push Sushi icon
Slide the sushi off the tray
فرسان العراق icon
Excellent content in Arabic
BLUK icon
Jump from tower to tower without falling
Astra icon
Jump from planet to planet and traverse space
Space Expedition icon
A 2D space adventure
Parallyzed icon
Guide these two sisters through a dangerous maze
Just Bones icon
Puzzles and platforms from the afterlife
She Wants Me Dead icon
An extremely difficult 2D platformer
64 Games - Super Max Adventure icon
A super-obvious clone of Super Mario Bros
Great Jump icon
Jump from platform to platform while dodging knives
JellyKing: Rule The World icon
Jump around platforms nonstop
Stickman Base Jumper icon
A better way to enjoy base jumping
Adventure Beaks icon
The wild adventures of a group of daring penguins
Oh My Goat icon
Help Patrick the goat rescue his friends
Don't Look Back icon
Don't look back, only walk forward
Run Like Hell! icon
Run from the cannibal tribe
Elemental icon
A truly original puzzle game
We Bare Bears: Quest for NomNom icon
Help these brother bears track down Nom Nom
Synthwave Escape icon
A 2D platformer with an awesome retro look
Wall Kickers icon
Jump from wall to wall until you fail
Jump Ball Quest icon
A 2D platformer with a jumping ball
Sonic the Hedgehog icon
The classic. The first. The best.
Hop Swap icon
A journey through two parallel worlds
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