Robot Unicorn Attack 2 icon
The epic race of the robotic flying unicorn
Talking Tom Candy Run icon
Run nonstop with Tom and friends
Mad Dex 2 icon
The bloody and impossible platforms are back
Diversion icon
Run without stopping, jump, pick up gems, and avoid spikes
Mouse Trap icon
Help the mouse escape the maze
Draw Your Game icon
Draw your own video game!
Push Sushi icon
Slide the sushi off the tray
Fail Hard icon
Hurting yourself has never been this fun
Flip Runner icon
Backflip from rooftop to rooftop
Super Phantom Cat 2 icon
Part two of the excellent original platformer
Chicken Scream icon
Scream to make the chicken jump
Winx Bloomix Quest icon
Run nonstop along with the Winx
Banana Kong icon
Run, jump, swim, and fly with Banana Kong
Super Phantom Cat icon
Explore a brilliant world full of platforms
Sonic CD icon
Globe-trotting, time-traveling Sonic is back to save the world
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II icon
Sonic never stops running
Pudding Monsters icon
The most entertaining gelatinous adventure yet
100 PICS Puzzles icon
Complete any jigsaw right on your device
Hanger Free icon
Swing from one level to the next
Parallyzed icon
Guide these two sisters through a dangerous maze
Mad Dex Arenas icon
New levels for this diabolical 2D platformer
Sonic Runners Revival icon
Sonic is back and running around Greenhill
Kid Chameleon icon
Beat dozens of levels in the perfect disguises
Another Weird Platformer icon
A 2D platform that is as simple as it is fun
Elvin: The water sphere icon
Help Elvin save the Goomswood forest
RunBot icon
Run, jump and spin in search of freedom