Aquila Messenger for Twitter icon
Turn Twitter into a chat tool Messenger icon
Keep in contact with your friends from Russia
Hangouts Dialer icon
Make phone calls with Hangouts
WhatsApp PLUS icon
More options for WhatsApp
messenger 2 icon
You'll get fast, simple, secure messaging and calling for free
WaSend: WhatsApp Any File Send icon
Send any file or document with WhatsApp
World Chat icon
Chat with strangers from around the world
Telegram Black icon
Add a little darkness to your Telegram interface
Check & Message Numbers on WhatsApp icon
Send WhatsApp messages to unknown numbers
TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie icon
Talk and send instant messages with this digital walkie talkie
Insta lite icon
A light version of Instagram
Field Trip icon
Find the most amazing places around you
TU Me icon
Calls and messages, free
Watup icon
Telegram alternative
Sketch Guru - Handy Sketch Pad icon
Make virtual sketches on your smartphone or tablet
Messenger BD icon
An instant messaging app for users in Bangladesh
SUB X SUB icon
Get hundreds of followers with this guide
Chkon Call ID icon
See who's calling you and block them if you want
schat icon
Meet people all around the world with this chat
UAround Privacy Messenger-Secured text, chat, call icon
Chat with multiple contacts with this app
Hard Cash icon
Recharge your smartphone for free