Proxy Browser icon
A browser with an integrated VPN to let you access any website
LED Strobe Flashlight icon
A strobing flashlight with music and sounds
Superuser icon
Crack open hidden settings in your smartphone
Tape Measure icon
Measure distances with your camera
Weather icon
Look up the weather in cities all over the world
APK Installer icon
Manage the apps on your smartphone
Wifi Hacker icon
Make it seem like you can hack WiFi passwords
SpeedTest icon
Check your Internet speed in a secure way
Seeds for Minecraft PE icon
A guide for getting the most out of this game
Scientific Calculator icon
The perfect calculator for all kinds of calculations
1+1 Battery (Battery Saver) icon
Be smart and save battery time
File Explorer icon
Manage your personal files in a unique way
cache cleaner icon
Lighten your smartphone's load by clearing your cache
Thermometer icon
Check the temperature wherever you are
Flashlight icon
Forget about being scared of the dark with this flashlight
Perfect Uninstaller icon
Uninstall any app you want
APK manager icon
Take care of your applications with this manager
SVR icon
Record video in a secretive way
Apk Share icon
Find the latest and greatest apps on the market
Bubble Level icon
Use this tool to measure objects' slope Österreich icon
Accurate weather forecast for the Australian city
FortiClient icon
Use FortiGate with total security and privacy
GameKiller icon
Get the most out of your games with these tricks and cheats
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