Shake Flashlight icon
Shake your smartphone to activate or deactivate your flashlight
Wake On Gesture icon
Control your smartphone with these unlocking gestures
KSfilemanager icon
A stylish photo manager brought to you by Fujitsu
Sense V2 flip clock icon
Nothing goes together better than the time and the weather forecast
ChatLock+ icon
Put a lock on your messaging apps
Booster Kit icon
Everything that you need to improve your smartphone
Auto Chilango icon
Check infractions and debts on your car
Tiempo METEO icon
An official weather information compilation
CPU Stats icon
Details and statistics about your smartphone
Transdrone icon
Manage all kinds of torrent files
Locale & Language icon
Change the location and language on your smartphone
PDF Plugin - Moon+ Reader Pro icon
A viewer and editor for PDF files
Sound Oscilloscope icon
Look for ghosts with this oscilloscope
External Keyboard icon
Add an extra keyboard to your smartphone
Dr.Web Center icon
Manage an antivirus network
GPSTest icon
Information on the locations of GPS satellites
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