Web Browsers

UC Browser for PC icon
A fast, Chromium-based browser
Google Chrome icon
Fast, easy and clean internet surfing experience by Google
Mozilla Firefox icon
Your best choice for an internet browser
Safari icon
Safari browser is now ready for Windows action
Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 7) icon
Browse your favorite websites at full speed
Microsoft Edge icon
The Microsoft browser with updated features
Firefox Portable icon
Portable version for the most complete browser
Baidu Spark Browser icon
The alternative to Google Chrome, with many more features
Google Chrome Portable icon
Use Google Chrome wherever you go
Internet Explorer 9 (32 bits) icon
Internet Explorer is now faster, lighter and better than ever
Chromium icon
Be the first to try new Chrome features
Brave Browser icon
A safe and user-friendly browser
Opera Beta icon
Get the browser's latest updates before anyone else does
Firefox Developer Edition icon
A special version of Firefox for developers
Yandex.Browser icon
Yandex, Russia's most popular web browser
Pale Moon icon
A full browser based on Firefox
Midori icon
Light and full-featured web browser
Internet Explorer icon
Power up your internet experience with the new IE version
Vivaldi icon
A great browser to keep you organized while you work
Cent Browser icon
A powerful browser based on Chrome
Waterfox icon
Navigate More Quickly in 64 Bit Operating Systems
Maxthon 5 icon
One of today's most efficient navigators
Internet Explorer 9 (64 bits) icon
Internet Explorer is now faster, lighter and better than ever
Google Chrome Canary icon
Google Chrome version for developers
Opera GX icon
A browser that's geared towards gamers
Opera USB icon
Portable version of the acclaimed new Opera browser
Netscape Navigator icon
The historic IE competition, now Firefox compatible
Avant Browser icon
Fast web browser with interesting features
MxNitro icon
The fastest browser available, according to its developers
Slimjet icon
A smart browser that's attentive to your needs
ChromePlus icon
Add some power ups to Chromium