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Download new Utilities software under Windows

Obsidian icon
Dynalist Inc.
Dropbox icon
Store your files on a virtual drive online
LocalSend icon
Secure file sharing without an Internet connection
XYplorer icon
Analyze each detail of your files
DeleteOnClick icon
Delete any file permanently
PatchOnClick icon
Create update patches for your documents
R-Studio icon
Recover files you recently deleted
EncryptOnClick icon
Simple utility to encrypt files
SysGauge icon
BootIt Bare Metal icon
TeraByte Unlimited
iDrive icon
Get 2GB of free storage space for your backups
Password Cracker icon
Slack icon
The real-time messaging system for co-workers
Easy System Utility icon
A One-Stop Solution for All Your Windows Needs
Balabolka icon
Have your texts read aloud
StrokesPlus icon
Speedcrypt File Encryption icon
Speedcrypt is software for encrypting all types of files
WinBin2Iso icon
Convert images in BIN format to ISO
UCheck icon
Easily update all your software
Cobian Reflector icon
The official successor to Cobian Backup
HoneyGain icon
Earn money by sharing your Internet connection
Free Studio icon
Complete video and audio editing tool-pack
Terabox icon
Keep a backup of all your photos and videos
HWiNFO Portable icon
Analyze your computer's hardware without installing anything
HWiNFO icon
Access more info about the components of your PC
3DP Chip icon
Download updated drivers for your computer
Macrium Reflect Free icon
A disk cloning software to keep your personal documents safe
O&O ShutUp10++ icon
Improve your privacy on Windows and make modifications
DearMob iPhone Manager icon
Manage the files and documents on any iOS device
PDF Candy Desktop icon
Icecream Apps
OCCT: OverClock Checking Tool icon
Easily detect any overclock and/or hardware problems
Tails icon
Stay anonymous as you surf the Internet
ZHPCleaner icon
Nicolas Coolman
DirPrintOK icon
Nenad Hrg
DocuFreezer icon
Convert Office documents into PDF and image formats
WhatPulse icon
Analyze your activity and productivity in Windows
CCleaner icon
Get rid of all the junk Windows accumulates
Clonezilla icon
Create backup copies of your hard disks, just in case
Atlantis Word Processor icon
A new alternative word processor
HWMonitor icon
Constantly monitor your PC's hardware status
Logi Options+ icon
Manage your Logitech mice and keyboards
Drivers for sound cards without native ASIO drivers
Create, edit, and sync documents with cloud storage services
TwinkiePaste icon
Paste more than one fragment thanks to multiple keyboard shortcuts
UserBenchmark icon
Check the status of your PC in less than a minute
ZHPDiag icon
Nicolas Coolman
Atlantis Word Processor Lite icon
Type fast in this compact word processor
QOwnNotes icon
Take plain text notes and integrate them into Nextcloud
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