System Info

SSuite System Monitor icon
Control the use of your RAM, CPU, and IP address
WebTemp icon
Monitor your computer’s temperature on another computer
Hardware Freak icon
All the information about your equipment within reach
FreeMeter icon
Relevant information about your PC
Windows Elapsed Running Time icon
Do you know how long your computer has been on?
Auslogics System Information icon
Check out important information about your computer
DriveGLEAM icon
Keep an eye on the status of your PC from the system tray
CPU ID icon
Detailed information regarding your processor
DeviceInfo icon
Know everything about your system, drivers...
eSupport BIOS Agent icon
Get information from the BIOS
Keylogger King Home icon
Monitor and control everything that happens on your PC
My PC Reference icon
Access important information within a snap
SuperbarMonitor.CPU icon
Control your processor's charge levels from the Windows 7 taskbar
SuperbarMonitor.Memory icon
View your machine's memory status from the Windows 7 taskbar
SuperbarMonitor.Volume icon
Monitor the volume of your computer from the Windows 7 task bar
SuperbarMonitor.Battery icon
Check how much charge is left on your battery
SuperbarMonitor.Disk icon
Check the HD free space in the task bar
Active Security Monitor icon
How well-protected is your computer?
Central Brain Identifier icon
What do you know about your AMD processor?
TinyResMeter icon
Watch the system information from desktop
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