DiskWipe icon
Don't second guess when deleting a document
Sys Blocked icon
Password-protect your PC
Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate icon
Recovering passwords is quick and easy
BlockAllow icon
Limit the content your children can access online
Arcanum Editor icon
Encrypt text files in just one click
Password Reset Ultimate icon
Access your computer even without the password
Find My Credit Card icon
Access all the private data that's saved on your PC
Super DeDupe icon
Find duplicated files and erase them
Safe4cam Latitude icon
Tracks stolen laptops and detects the alleged thief
FileFriend icon
Divide, merge, and protect your files
Passwords Generator icon
Generate Passwords Randomly
DiskEncryptor icon
Encrypt partitions and protect your files
Moxier Wallet icon
Manage passwords, important information, and much more
Internet Security Controller icon
Block access to Facebook and Twitter
east-tec Eraser icon
Protect your information both online and offline
PWGen icon
Generate complex passwords automatically
CamUniversal icon
Create your own video surveillance system and protect yourself
Access Denied XP icon
Protect your Windows login
Lock My Computer icon
Security solution for your PC
Diskitude icon
Analyse disks and folders graphically
File Grinder icon
Use a tag system to copy, move, and rename your files
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